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Dr. Mutafyan has extensive experience in managing conditions that arise as a result of weight gain and obesity, including the treatment of hernias that develop in the groin and abdominal areas, so patients in Glendale, CA, and throughout the Los Angeles area can find relief and avoid more serious complications.

What is a hernia?

A hernia occurs when a part of an organ begins pushing through the wall that normally holds it in place. As the organ pushes outward, it can cause bulging and pain that can range from moderate to severe. In some cases, hernias can become “strangulated,” cutting off or interfering with the blood supply to the organ and even resulting in tissue death.

What causes hernias?

Hernias can be caused by different factors, and most occur as a result of weak areas in the gut wall that are present at birth. Obesity is a primary contributor to many hernias, creating pressure on organs that causes them to press against these weak spots and eventually cause a hernia to develop. Hernias can also be caused by straining such as when lifting a heavy object, strenuous coughing or even poor posture.

How are hernias treated?

Hernias may be treated prior to weight-loss surgery, at the same time as some types of weight-loss surgery, or independently without weight-loss surgery. Treatment typically involves restoring the organ to its natural position and repairing and strengthening the weakened area with a mesh insert designed to provide additional support. Hernia repair procedures usually are performed laparoscopically using very small incisions and a tool called a laparoscope that uses a tiny camera to see inside your body. The camera sends video back to a monitor so the doctor can visualize and perform the repair without the need for large incisions. Most hernia repairs can be performed as same-day procedures, and because the laparoscopic technique relies on small incisions, healing and recovery are typically much faster.

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