Gastric Balloon


Gastric Balloon

As a top weight-loss physician and surgeon Dr. Mutafyan helps patients lose weight with gastric balloon surgery, a state-of-the-art non-surgical technique that does not alter the GI tract. Patients who want to lose considerable weight without undergoing surgery can find out more by scheduling an appointment.

How is the gastric balloon inserted?

The gastric balloon is inserted without surgery, using a long, flexible scope that is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach. Once the balloon is in place, it will be filled with saline solution, typically about 13 to 23 ounces. The amount of saline solution that is used can be adjusted based on the needs of the individual patient. The insertion procedure is performed under light sedation and the patient will be able to return home soon afterward.

Can the balloon be felt once it has been inserted?

Patients may have some minor feelings of discomfort, distension, and nausea while the gastrointestinal system adjusts to the presence of the balloon, but once the system becomes adjusted, the presence of the balloon is typically not felt.

How is the balloon removed?

The removal procedure is similar to the insertion procedure and will be performed through the mouth. The saline solution will be extracted first and then the balloon will be removed. The procedure takes about a half hour.

Can I eat normally?

For the first few days, a liquid diet will be prescribed to enable the stomach to adjust more easily and to reduce the risk of nausea and upset stomach. Carbonated beverages, caffeine, chocolate and fatty foods will need to be avoided during this time.

How long will the balloon remain in place?

For most patients, the gastric balloon will be removed after it has been in place for about six months, but the time the balloon remains in the stomach can vary, and length of treatment can be discussed during the office visit.

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